Cellular Regenerative Therapy Treatment Testimonials

"I was out of options by the time I went to see Dr. Rodgers in May 2018. I was unable to walk without extreme pain from bulging discs and extensive abdominal scarring due to a post-cancer reconstructive surgery in 2012. Conditioning, massage and physical therapy had all failed to resolve the long-standing battle with scar tissue. By the 3-month mark in treatment with Dr. Rodgers, I was completely free from disc pain. The laser treatments keep softening my scar tissue and the rapid release instrument continues to help the release of adhesions. I am now experiencing a freedom from pain and restriction that all others in the medical profession had told me I would just have to live with. I anticipate that in the very near future, I will be 100% free of the scar tissue. The treatment that Dr. Rodgers has to offer his patients is truly cutting-edge healing!"

- Jeanette Aguilar

"I am extremely grateful to Dr. Rodgers for his unparalleled skill at keeping my back, neck and shoulders healthy, strong and pain-free for 15 years. As a former weight lifter, downhill and water skier, sailor and retired builder/developer turned part-time rancher, I have been and continue to be very physically active. Consequently I have some old injuries and a body accustomed to exertion. Dr. Rodgers keeps me pain-free and my back and neck moving with ease. Whenever I hear anyone mention a back, neck or shoulder problem, I send them without reservation to Dr. Rodgers. He is dedicated, insightful, skillful and very knowledgeable about the physiological and bio-mechanical needs of a healthy body. As a former competitive athlete, he understands the debilitating nature of chronic or accidental injuries and is relentless in helping his patients."

- Gerald L. Ernst

"I have suffered with back pain since I fell down the stairs in 1987. I visited many chiropractors (with no relief) in Chico for years before I met Dr. Rodgers in 2000. Suffering from severe back pain and my first bout of Bell's Palsy, Dr. Rodgers arranged for an MRI and a special muscle stem machine for my face to begin my healing process. In 2010, I cracked my L1 disc and lived several months at a Level 10 pain level. He kept in close contact with me and Dr. Mimbs, my back surgeon, as I went through surgery to remove bone chips. In the beginning I saw Dr. Rodgers 3 times a week. Now, he helps me maintain my health with monthly visits and NO MEDICATION. I have noticed an improvement in my migraine headaches and live with a minimal pain level of 1-3. He uses Cox therapy and spends quality time with his patients. He always makes me feel special and is concerned with my overall health and well-being. Because of his work, his encouragement and the help of his friend, nutritionist/trainer, Angelo Poli, I have lost 37 pounds in 7 months. I will never be able to repay Dr. Rodgers for helping me through my darkest time."

- Lee-Anne Calhoon

"After living with back pain for more years than I can remember, and trying many different methods to solve my back problem, I came to Rodgers Chiropractic. What a difference his work makes! His Cox Decompression Technique is just what I needed. Finally, I am on the road to recovery!"

- Celia Hirschman


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