Our Appointment, Fees & Billing Policies

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Appointments We will make every effort to accommodate your appointment requests, but we do recommend that you schedule as early as possible as we are often booked up to a week ahead. Occasionally, same day appointments are available so feel free to check with us.

Promptness We ask our patients to be prompt, because the patient after you has a schedule to meet as well.  If a patient is late, they will receive less treatment time but will be charged no less.

Cancellations If a patient needs to cancel, 24 hour notice is required.  If less than 24 hours notice is given, patients will be changed a $70 cancellation fee.

Insurance We accept most medical insurance, but we ask that patients call their insurance company for their specific coverage for chiropractic care. Patients are responsible for any copayments and deductibles.  Should you not have medical insurance, or your policy does not allow coverage, we offer a cash discount.

Initial costs vary but a typical visit is $90-$140.

Followup visits are $70. Recommended number of visits is on a case by case basis.  Disc Injury patients will be asked to dedicate a minimum of 12 visits in order to utilize the Cox Decompression therapy most effectively. Medicare fees are different. Please inquire at your first visit.

Payment We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover as well as cash and checks.

Billing We will bill your insurance company at no extra charge to the patient, but any bill outstanding 30 days from service will be charged 10%/month or $10.00, which ever is greater. Bills outstanding six months from due date are sent to collections.


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